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The Importance of Mold Release

By July 28, 2011

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Closed Molding Demo

Today I had the great opportunity to attend a training session on Chem Trend's mold release products known as Chem Lease. Mold release is extremely important in the production of fiber reinforced composites. Many problems with open molding and close molding can be attributed to improper cleaning, preparation, and application of mold release.

In fact, proper mold maintenance and care might be one of the most important aspects in composite manufacturing, and scientists have perfected the products used in the cleaning, sealing, and preparing of FRP molds. It is not only a science, but an art-form.

If you are manufacturing composite products, you should take a long hard look into the wax or release agent you use. For example, if you are waxing a mold after each use, imagine the time that could be saved if you could pull 30+ composite parts off the same mold, but with a single coat of a different release agent.

If you have any questions about mold release, feel free to shoot me an email at composite.guide@about.com.


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