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American Plastics Council sites
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The American Plastics Council (APC) is a major trade association for the U.S. Plastics Industry. APC works to promote the benefits of plastics and the plastics industry. APC is comprised of 25 of the leading plastics manufacturers in the United States, with many members having a strong global market presence. APC's membership represents 80% of the U.S. resin production capacity.

Plastics.org Best of the Net
A portal to the web sites of the American Plastics Council. An excellent starting place for backgound information from the industry's spokespeople. Direct links to numerous American Plastics Council sponsored sites.

Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry
The Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API) is composed of companies that supply polyurethane resins or chemicals used in polyurethane resins; manufacture polyurethanes; produce machinery used in the manufacture or processing of polyurethanes; or engages in the business of applying polyurethane products in end use applications.

American Plastics Council
The American Plastics Council's main homepage. Who they are and what they do and links to other sites.

Automotive Learning Center
The web presence of the Automotive Learning Center which is physically located in Dearborn, MI.

Hands on Plastics
Lesson plans and background information on plastics for teachers. Teachers can apply for the free Hands on Plastics Kit.

Plastics Info
Plastics and your health.

Plastics Resource
Information on plastics and the environment.

Polystyrene Packaging Council
The Polystyrene Packaging Council web site.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) develops tools designed to educate, communicate and influence the construction industry of the positive benefits of SPF roofing, insulation and climate control systems.

The Vinyl Institute
The Vinyl Institute is a U.S. trade association representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, vinyl additives and modifiers, and vinyl packaging materials.

Vinyl by Design
An on-line resource for building professionals.

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