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Applications: Infrastructure
Guide picks
Composites and their use in bridges, roads, and other infrastructure applications.

About.com Construction Industry Site
Jeffrey Ganthner's guide to the construction industry. If you're looking for information beyond the use of composites, this is the place to go.

Architecture & Infrastructure News Archive
Collection of composite news items related to architectural and infrastructure applications.

Bridge NDE95
Information from the Fourth ITI Bridge NDE Users Group (1995). In addition to a list of participants and topics, there are many full-length papers, progress reports, etc.

Co-FORCE (Mitsubishi REPLARK)
International consultants specializing in construction applications. Anthology shows some bridge and building repairs using carbon prepregs.

The CONMAT Initiative
An article describing the CONMAT Council, a group formed to explore the use of high-performance construction materials in infrastructure.

Edge Structural Composites
FiberBond system for structural repairs from seismic, corrosion, or other damage sources. Site describes the system, compares it to steel, and presents some case studies.

Environmental Durability
A brief technical paper describing the effects of various environmental factors on composites used in infrastructure applications. Forty references.

Everest Coatings
Elastomeric and polyurethane roofing systems. Product overviews, specs, installation overview, and other information.

FHWA Bridge Study Tour, Europe and Japan
Full text report of a Federal Highway Administration study of composite bridges in Europe and Japan. Lots of case studies of existing bridges, with ample technical detail.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete Abstracts
A subject index to abstracts of papers on the use of fibers to reinforce concrete. From the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

Fiber-Tech Industries
Manufacturer of fiberglass plywood panels for building systems. Site gives descriptions and specs for the different panels, plus a list of applications.

Fiberglass Unlimited
Manufacturers of fiberglass church steeples and baptistries. Description of product features but not many good pictures.

Fiberline Bridges
Fiberline makes fiberglass pultrusions. The Constructions page describes two bridges made from their materials.

Fibrwrap Construction
Concrete repairs and seismic retrofitting of concrete structures using composite overwraps. A few pictures and contact info; links to other pages are broken.

Glass reinforced gypsum and composite cement for architectural applications. Detailed descriptions and technical spec. Pattern section has pictures of sample applications.

FRP Bridges
Brief descriptions and pictures of bridges and composite bridge technology from Strongwell. Includes the River Tay cable-stayed bridge in Scotland, other pedestrian bridges, and several vehicular bridges.

FRP Grids for Reinforced Concrete
Penn State University researchers are working on a composite alternative to the steel grids used to reinforce concrete.

FRP Reinforced Concrete
Civil engineers are increasingly turning to fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites to reinforce or repair decaying concrete structures.

Highway Construction Bridge Systems (HCBS)
Fiberglass panels for bridge decks (temporary and permanent) and for portable roads. Detailed descriptions; some illustrations and drawings. A few links are broken.

Homestead Bridge
A detailed description, with pictures, of a fiberglass pedestrian bridge in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Infrastructure Applications Key to Continued Growth
Reprint of a 1995 article about the growing use of composites in the construction industry. Includes statistics on material use and success stories.

Infrastructure Applications of Composite Materials
Reports on a Northwestern University program on the use of composites in infrastructure (mainly bridges). Includes program overview, progress reports, and full text articles.

Infrastructure Specific Markets for Composites
This detailed report from Northwestern University looks at the specific infrastructure markets where composites can best be used.

Innovative Materials for Bridge Retrofit
Task statement for a university project to explore the use of composites in retrofitting existing structures.

LaSalle Street Bridege
Portions of a pedestrian bridge in Chicago have been replaced with fiberglass. Composites were chosen primarily for corrosion resistance.

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