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Dictionary of Composite Materials Technology

Welcome to the Composite Materials Glossary, the online version of CRC Press' Dictionary of Composite Materials Technology by Stuart Lee. This is an expanded version of the print dictionary; material from the original print version is marked with a CRC Press copyright. Unmarked definitions and all other material are original to the online dictionary.

The original print dictionary can be ordered by clicking on the CRC Press Catalog> link on any page.

The online dictionary was created from a print copy in a multi-step conversion process. Between the scanning, character recognition, and database import steps, new errors were likely introduced into the dictionary. To report any errors, or to suggest a new term for inclusion, click on the Suggest a Word> link on any page. More information is available about the database, as well as the print-to-electronic conversion process.

Biomat.net Top 5 sectionIn May 2002, the online dictionary was named a Top 5 site by the Biomaterials Network.

The original dictionary content, including all primary definitions and the preface, are Copyright ©1989 by CRC Press LLC. All rights reserved.

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