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Data Sheets: Plastic Properties
Guide picks
Plastics properties data sheets providing information on plastics and blends. The information is typically of a generic nature although some is very material specific.

CAMPUS now offers their information online if you want the data without the download.

An excellent concept. An open source program that resin producers use to distribute information relevant to their plastics. Not easy to compare data between companies without the purchase of MBASE.

Commerx Plastics Data Sheets
An alphabetical list of the plastics trade names, manufacturers, and polymer types that are included in the PlasticsNet's database.

eFunda Data Sheet Primer
Site also contains numerous examples of "generic" data sheets.

Endura Plastics hosted database
A comprehensive database hosted on an industry site. A good resource

IDES used to offer the best free materials property database. The free service has been discontinued. There is a limited time offer to use a free alternative.

GE Data Sheets
Data sheets for GE's plastics (login required, free registration).

Materials Properties Table
Materials data sheets adn selection guides from boedeker.com

MSDS-Search National Repository
MSDS-SEARCH was founded in 1992 to help find solutions to MSDS problems by building and maintaining Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) libraries.

Plastic Properties from Platics USA
Comparative properties of 49 generic plastic materials.

Matweb Best of the Net
Matweb is a large database of materials properties information. The link to sellers is a useful addition.

Plastic Properties from Polymer Web
Comparative properties of 49 generic plastic materials.

Plastics Group data sheets
Data sheets for PolyfilŪ resins.

Polymer Doctor
Allows you to find over 10,000 technical material data sheets.

San Diego Plastics hosted database
An interesting site. Much more comprehensive than one would expect from an industry site. Does not focus on just their materials but incorporates a comprehensive data set. A novel and often-humorous site.

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