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Argonide Wins NASA SBIR Contract for Space Station Filter

Sanford, Florida, October 27, 2001 -- Argonide Nanomaterials Corp., specializing in the research and development of electro exploded nano particles, today announced that the company's newly developed nanoceramic fiber material has been awarded a NASA SBIR contract for the development of a sterilization filter capable of converting space station recycled water into purified drinking water. The filter is based upon a totally new class of bioactive nanoparticles. The new breakthrough material called NanoCeram™ with a diameter of only 2 nanometers and a length in the hundreds of nanometers has been proven to remove dangerously high levels of bacteria, MS2, T41, arsenic, polio, protozoa, Hepatitis C and other unknown viruses found in recycled water.

The development of effective methods of purifying water is being driven by the growing global demand for clean water. "The EPA has ranked drinking water pathogens to be a major health risk. While there is considerable research by EPA there are no regulations for filtering viruses from the public water supply nor for monitoring it" explains Fred Tepper, President of Argonide Nanomaterials. "These concerns have been heightened by the recent terrorist attacks and the potential for biological warfare". Studies have linked long-term exposure of arsenic in drinking water to a variety of cancers in humans. Argonide's ultra high surface area ceramic fibers are said to be environmentally preferable and more cost effective method of converting waste water into healthy drinking water without generating undesirable chlorinated hydrocarbons and trihalomethanes. Major applications also include sterilization of dental unit waterlines, biological research, and pharmaceuticals.

Laboratory tests performed by the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University revealed that the duo use NanoCeram™ fiber also has been found to stimulate new bone growth. After grafting into the damaged bone, the new material is then absorbed and replaced during regeneration... "Osteoblast cell growth was found to be twice that of hydroxyapatite, which is a natural bone mineral,” explained Tom Webster, Research Director at Purdue. The fibers mimic the natural fibrous hydroxyapatite in bone with respect to shape and adhesion, critical for matching the mechanical properties of natural bone. The result is a healthy new bone with physical properties almost identical to the patients original bone. The material shows great promise for patients suffering from forms of osteosarcoma, osteoporosis, and sclerosteosis, a disorder in which progressive bone overgrowth leads to severe facial deformities.

A major cooperative program between Argonide and the Department of Energy aids research for new bioactive substances. The IPP (Initiative for Prevent of Proliferation) program is part of the DOE's effort to employ out of work USSR scientists formally involved in nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. The US coalition partners with these highly talented Soviet scientists to develop and commercialize useful technologies so that their know how does not fall into the hands of terrorist groups.

The current contract that is funded through mid 2002 has been increased and extended to cover nano ceramics and in particular NanoCeram™ fibers. The total program employs approximately 70 Russian scientists. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden, Colorado is also funded to characterize the materials developed on the program. Vector, a former USSR bacteriological center in Novosibirsk, Russia has been awarded a contract to investigate the efficiency of virus filtration by variants of these fibers.

Argonide is a global research based company that develops and manufactures a complete line of high purity nanoscale metal powders (Winner of R&D Magazine's award as the top 100 most technologically significant new products of the year). The Orlando based company specializes in small quantity, custom alloy production services for universities and research industries. Argonide seeks developmental partners in water purification, bio-separation and medical and dental implants.

For information about NanoCeram™ or other emerging technologies contact Argonide at 407-322-2500 or visit our website at www.argonide.com

Cindi Prorok
(407) 322-2500

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