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EPTA Announces 6th World Pultrusion Conference

EPTA, the European Pultrusion Technology Association, is organising the 6th World Pultrusion Conference with the theme 'A stronger profile for the future' on Thursday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of April, 2002 at the Dorint Don Giovanni Hotel in Prague, the Czech Republic.

One of the Sessions 'Marketing Pultrusions' is to tickle the thoughts of the audience on the future ahead for pultrusion and to widen the horizons by launching some prophetical and perhaps unconventional marketing ideas. Specially interesting is the Key-note speech of Mr. Sorensen, a retired CEO of the Extrusion Group of Reynolds (now Alcoa), whom was responsible for the promotion of aluminium profiles as a, at the time, 'NEW' material.

The World Pultrusion Conference is an opportunity for pultrusion and affiliated companies around the World who are active in the Industry to network, share knowledge and new developments. By not attending this conference, your company could miss these opportunities.

The conference is held at the Dorint Don Giovanni hotel, accommodation for delegates of EPTA is 116,- Euro for single or double rooms. Registration prices for non EPTA members is 1.200,- Euro. EPTA Members pay pay 960,- Euro. These fees includes bringing 1 non conference partner free of charge for each delegate. For flight information we advise you to contact your travel agent.

Attached you will find a PDF-file of the brochure, which contains a full programme and registration forms for the conference and accommodation. This brochure is currently being printed and will be send to you by post next week.

The programme consist of the following sessions:

Key-note: Marketing Aluminium Profiles, learning from the competitor Ove Sørensen, former CEO Reynolds extrusion group (Now Alcoa)

Other sessions:

If you would like to receive further information on this Conference, please do not hesitate to contact us at (31) 33- 4343 500 or by e-mail: jose@pultruders.com.

May we encourage you to inform your colleagues about this conference.

Ms. José Bakker
Association Assistant

P.O. Box 18 Tel (31) 33- 4343 500
3830 AA Leusden Fax (31) 33- 4343 501
The Netherlands E-mail: mailto:info@pultruders.com

Visit our website at http://www.pultruders.com

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