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Manufacturing of Composites

Polymer composites require unique manufacturing processes. Learn about the various techniques and processes used in manufacturing products using composite materials.

Types Of Composite Reinforcement
FRP composites receive their strength from the reinforcement. These reinforcements can vary by material (carbon fiber / fiberglass) or vary by style (woven / stitched).

Sanding Composites
How to sand composites. Learn the correct methods and what the proper materials are to be used when sanding composites.

Compression Molding
Compression molding is one of the most efficient methods of manufacturing composites. Learn about the technique here.

Introduction to Vacuum Infusion
The Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) is method of manufacturing composite products using a vacuum to remove the air and "infuse" the reinforcement with thermosetting resin.

Pultrusion And The Pultrusion Process
Pultrusion is a method of manufacturing composites by "pulling" continuous fiber through a heated die. Learn more about this automated manufacturing process.

What is Open Molding and Hand Lay-Up
The most common and wide spread method of manufacturing composites, open molding is simple, inexpensive, and highly effective.

Starting Resin Infusion
Using resin infusion to manufacture composites is not difficult. Learn about the basic components that will be needed to convert to the vacuum infusion process.

Machining Composite Materials
Post machining composites is much more difficult then machining wood or metal. Learn a few of the tricks in machining composite materials.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturers
Manufacturers of raw carbon fiber. New companies are learning to manufacture carbon fiber input, but this is a decently comprehensive list.

Filament Winding - The Basics
Filament winding is an excellent method of manufacturing hollow composite parts both large and small. Creating a product with high burst and hoop strength, composite products manufactured from filament winding include pressure vessels, pipes, and rocket cases.

Composites In War
Composite materials are a leading advantage in the theater of war. Learn which why fiberglass and other FRP materials are dominating the battle field.

Compression Molding
Compression molding is an extremely efficient method of mass producing plastic and composite products. Learn more about compression molding.

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