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Resins Used In Composites

Composite materials require the use of a polymer resin. The resins can include epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, and thermoplastic and each has a specific advantage.

What Are FR Resins
Fire Resistant (FR) resin and polymers are playing a critical roll in industries regulating fire, smoke, and toxicity.

Structural Adhesives
structural adhesives, glue, bond, composites, aerospace

Prepreg Basics
Prepregs are used in composite manufacturing that requires precision, engineered accuracy, and cosmetic perfection.

Continuous Fiber Thermoplastics
Thermoplastic resin reinforced with fiber are on the rise as high performance applications require unique the properties of thermoplastics.

Laminating Resins Used In Composites
Laminating resins are the foundation of composite material manufacturing. Learn about the various components that make laminating resins unique.

Composite Resin Basics - Polyester and Vinyl Ester
The backbone resins of the fiber reinforced composites industry are polyester and vinyl ester resins.

Entropy Bio-Based Resins
Question and answer with the manufacturers of bio-based epoxy resins, Entropy Resins from California.

Epoxy Resin
Epoxy resins are advanced thermosetting resins used in FRP composites. Learn the basics of this resin, the chemistry, and the uses of epoxy.

Vinyl Ester Barrier Coats
Learn about the benefits of using a vinyl ester barrier coat when manufacturing a composite product.

Vinyl Ester vs Polyester Resins
Both resins have distinct advantages over the other. Find out the differences between vinyl ester and polyester resins.

Advances in Thermoplastic Composite Aerospace Applications
Some of the latest innovations in aerospace composites using thermoplastic resin.

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