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Aramid Fibers

Learn about the chemistry, properties, and uses of aramid fibers such Kevlar and Twaron.

Fire Resistant Polymers
Fire resistant polymers are used to keep us safe in transportation and buildings.

Composite Armor
Composite materials are saving lives and assets around the world, every day. The lightweight and strong properties of composites make them an ideal fit for armor applications.

Aramid Fibers
Aramid fiber is one of the most useful fibers used in textiles and fiber reinforced composites. The properties of aramid fibers are amazing.

DuPont's Kevlar Page
Not as much information as other Kevlar sites, but there are some nice pictures of the various material forms and sample products. Inquiry form for more information.

An overview of Kevlar chemistry and fiber properties, including a table of material properties for the three grades of Kevlar.

The Kevlar Innovation
David Tanner explains how innovation was important in the development of Kelvar. Problems were encountered and overcome in the initial research, in scaling up the process from laboratory to production, and in bringing the product to market.

What Makes Kevlar So Strong?
Teaching module from LBNL for middle or high school students. See if you can put the fives clues together to answer the question. Activities demonstrate polymer properties.

Kevlar Fibers Used in Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels
White paper describing the use of Kevlar fibers in composite pressure vessels.

Composite Fabrics
Structural fibers like aramid are manufactured into cloths and fabrics that are then used in composite manufacturing.

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