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Basics of Composite Materials


Discover the fundamentals of composite materials. Learn the basics of resins, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and combining the constituents to form a composite.
  1. Composite Material Basics
  2. Understanding Carbon Fiber
  3. FRP Composite Materials
  4. Composite Manufacturing Processes
  5. Products Manufactured With Composite Materials

Composite Material Basics

Composite materials have amazing properties. The features are do to the advance carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polymer resins these composites use. The following resources will help you better understand the fundamentals of composites and should be useful for both the novice and the seasoned engineer alike.

Understanding Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Cloth

Carbon fiber is a highly desirable reinforcement used in composites. It is extremely lightweight, strong, rigid, and it has an attractive look. One can utilize these unique properties of carbon fiber, but they must first understand the basics.

FRP Composite Materials

Fiber reinforced polymer composites, also know as FRP composites, combine structural fiber and polymer resin to create a strong and tough material. Learn about the unique properties and chemistry that makes this possible.

Composite Manufacturing Processes

Filament Winding Machine

There are many different methods to manufacturing composite materials. Each have there own advantages and disadvantages. Learn about the different methods of manufacturing FRP composites.

Products Manufactured With Composite Materials

More and more products are being manufactured with composite materials. Below are some of common products and innovate examples of future composite concepts.

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