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Glass Fibers and Fiberglass

Learn about the chemistry, properties, and uses of glass fibers, or fiberglass as it is more commonly known.

Selecting Composite Materials
Fiber reinforced composites are common, but do you know how to select the different types of fiber and resin used?

Uses of Fiberglass
Fiberglass reinforced polymers are the original composite materials. They remain the back-bone of the composites industry. Learn about glass fiber and what products are made with this composite.

Composite Materials In Boats
Some form of composites have been used in boats since man first ventured into the sea. But modern FRP composite materials in boats is still relatively new.

Examples of Composites
There are numerous examples of composites, many of which can be seen around the house. Learn about what every day products are manufactured with FRP composites.

Parabeam Glass Fabrics
Parabeam glass fabrics are a novel way to increase the structure and strength of a composite product, without dramatically increasing the weight.

Fiber Glass Industries, Inc - FGI
FGI is a manufacturer of glass fiber used in FRP composites. They are located in New York state and manufacture a wide range of fiberglass reinforcement products.

Fiberglass - What Is Fiberglass
Fiberglass is a strong and lightweight reinforcement used in composites. Learn about the history of fiberglass and how it is manufactured.

Fiberglass Manufacturing - Enviroment
A basic guide of best practices to follow if you plan on manufacturing fiberglass products. Guide is from the State of Oregon.

Glass Fibers for Nonwovens
Describes the classification of glass fibers by geometry, physical and mechanical properties, and sizing. Good definitions of E-, S-, C- and AF-glass.

Manufacture and Physical Properties of Optical Fibers
Detailed technical document about optical fibers. Covers chemistry of the glass and engineering calculations related to manufacturing. Three references.

Owens Corning Fiberglass
Owens Corning is one of the largest manufacturers of glass fiber used in composites. Their site details the various glass fiber products they manufacture and the industries they are used in.

PPG Fiber Glass
PPG is one of the largest manufacturers of raw fiber glass used in a variety of industries including wind power, automotive, construction, and more.

Composite Fabrics
Structural fibers like glass fiber are manufactured into cloths and fabrics that are then used in composite manufacturing.

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