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How To Fill Out Form W-4

About.com has worked with MatWeb to provide an online set of composite material properties suitable for design. Use the form below to search the MatWeb database. To return to the About.com site, use the "Back" button on your browser.

For a complementary set of properties, see the Composites Database on this site.

1. Search Category 1 (Required)

Scroll down the list and highlight a material category. The list contains all current categories of composite materials in the database.

2. Search Category 2 (Optional)

See Advanced Search Hints for more on how to use this option effectively.

3. Material Property 1 (Optional)

4. Min.: Max.:

Scroll down and highlight a material property from the list. You may choose up to three material properties. Keep in mind that the units are in Metric. Enter the minimum and/or maximum values for the chosen Material Property (Required for each Material Property). Properties are in the longitudinal direction unless otherwise specified.

3. Material Property 2 (Optional)

4. Min.: Max.:

3. Material Property 3 (Optional)

4. Min.: Max.:

5. Return Materials that match (Optional)

At least 1 material property range
All material property ranges (default)
See Advanced Search Hints on how to use this option.


Click on the Submit Form button to run the query.

Please read our disclaimer regarding materials data

If you'd like to submit a set of properties, please fill out a submission form.


  • Search results are in Metric Units. For your convenience, a Conversion Table is available for conversion to English units.
  • Scientific notation may be used in the Min. and Max. range boxes (e. g. 1.04E-16).
  • Text searches can be done from MatWeb's Home page.
  • For more Search Strategies on how to find information in MatWeb click here.

Go to MatWeb

Send mail to webmaster@matweb.com with questions or comments about the search functions of this web page.

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