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Software for Analysis, Design and Manufacturing

Software has become an essential component of the product lifecycle. The combination of CAD, analytical tools and finite element programs speeds the entire design process and allows engineers to better optimize products. Manufacturing programs improves part quality and in some cases adds capabilities not possible with software.
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NASTRAN and Honeycomb
Simple formulas for honeycomb sandwich plate properties. Follow the link at the bottom for instructions on creating PSHELL cards for honeycomb panels.

Question And Answer With Craig Collier
Craig Collier is a composites industry veteran. Learn about his latest development in software used in composite design and analysis, Hypersize.

Software Used in Composites
Composite engineers first design their products and prototypes on computers. Advanced software is used to both design a product, and to estimate physical properties of the materials used. For example, if you are designing a carbon fiber chassis for a race car, you would want to know if it could withstand the extreme G-forces on tight turns. By...

Stanford Structures and Composites Lab (SACL)
List of available source code and executables. Programs for manufacturing, impact, joints, delamination, design, smart structures, and environment.

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